EHS Engineer EHS工程师
1.  Prepare and deliver required EHS training including use of specialist third party organizations. 准备并组织必须的EHS培训,包括安排第三方机构进行培训
2.  Conduct internal safety inspections and enforce company EHS procedures. 组织内部安全审查,完善公司关于EHS方面流程的执行情况
3.  Implement necessary EHS protection during new construction, modification and expansion projects. 在新建,改建和扩建项目中督促落实必要的EHS管控
4.  Monitor and report the EHS performance during construction and routine operations to the EPA and the Safety Supervision Bureau. 定期向国家环保部门和安全主管部门报告新项目建设以及日常运营过程中有关环保管理体系的执行情况及安全生产情
5.  Lead investigation to find root cause of all workplace accidents and reported near-miss, propose the solution and monitor effectiveness of the corrective action. 领导调查各类事故及险兆事件的根本原因、提出解决方案并追踪整改行动的有效性证明
6.  Establish the EHS annual plan according to the company strategic target and the management guideline. 根据公司的战略目标和经营方针,编制EHS年度工作计划
7.  Developing and maintaining a culture of safe working practices through personal leadership and establishing standard procedures for safety management. 管理和建立安全管理操作规程以发展和维护公司的安全文化。
8.  Conducting the routine inspection of safety systems including fire-fighting facilities. 做好消防等安全设施的定期巡检工作。
9.  Managing of the special equipment required for safety detection and prevention. 做好安全检测以及安全防护相关的特种设备的管理工作。
10.  Enforcing a system for job safety assessments and issuing permits-to-work including lock-out tag-out of energized and hazardous systems.  Zero lost-time injuries 实施工作安全评估,工作许可包括挂牌上锁程序,实现零损失工时事故。
11.  Manage the pest control according the GMP regulations. Create the procedure, assign the tasks, summary the findings and propose the solution.



1.  Bachelor in safety/environmental/chemical/pharmaceuticals related 安全工程/环境保护类/生物化学类/制药工程等相关专业学士学位

2.  At least 5 years EHS experience in pharmaceutical company, and at least 2 years EHS Management experience 五年以上药厂工作经验,两年以上环保/安全管理工作经验
3.  Preferably experienced in operation of biopharmaceutical facilities and exposure to facility start-up 有生物制药厂和建厂经验的优先考虑
4.  Demonstrated experience in management of teams including influence without authority to achieve objectives 高绩效团队的管理能力,可以独立完成既定目标
5.  Eye for detail and preference to work in highly structured manner 注重细节同时兼顾大局进行工作
6.  Certified Safety Engineer 注册安全工程师。
7.  Experienced in operation of facility systems. 设施系统运行改进的经验。
8.  Advanced document writing skills using MS Office suite. 熟练使用办公软件。
9.  Ability to investigate and solve detailed technical problems. 有能力调查和解决具体技术问题。
10. Formal training in ISO14001, OHSAS18001, and GMP 接受过ISO14001、OHSAS18001及GMP方面的培训。
11. Understanding of bio-processing related to containment and management of biohazardous materials. 熟悉生物工艺相关的污染防护以及生物危害性材料的管理
12. Strong communication skills in English and Chinese to engage with personnel across the Company and service providers including understanding of technical documentation in English.   中英文沟通能力强,激励周围人,理解英文技术文件。