Sr. Scientist (Viral Vector Process Development) 工艺开发科学家(病毒载体工艺开发)


1) 参与完成逆转录病毒和慢病毒载体中到大规模生产工艺的开发和优化;

2) 负责部门内包装细胞株的管理维护;

3) 参与病毒载体生产工艺的技术转移;

4) 撰写相关技术文件,如申报资料等;

5) 上级交办的其他相关工作。

Support works related to mid-to-large scale viral vector production process development, including: 

1) Support the development and optimization of mid-to-large scale viral vector production process;

2) Responsible for the maintenance of PSPD’s retro- and lenti-viral packaging cell banks;

3) Support tech transfer of viral vector production process;

4) Prepare relevant technical documents; 

5)Complete other tasks as assigned by the line manager.


1) 生物学、生物工程、生物技术及其他相关专业,硕士及以上学历;

2)  3年以上工作经验,有丰富的细胞培养经验,有生物反应器使用经验,有工艺开发经验;

3) 具有逆转录病毒或慢病毒包装细胞株驯化、病毒制备、纯化的实际操作经验者优先;

4) 具有CAR-T或者TCR-T研发、生产、技术转移经验者优先;

5) 具备在一定指导下设计、实施、分析实验,撰写总结报告,撰写技术文件的能力;

6) 熟悉相关专业知识与技能,具备较好的专业英文读写能力;

7) 职业素养高,责任心强;善于与人沟通,富于团队精神;学习能力、执行能力强。

In terms of education and capabilities, we prefer candidates with these qualifications: 

1) Master's degree or above in biology, bioengineering, biotechnology or other related fields; 

2) At least 3 years of work experience. Experience in cell culture, bioreactor operation and process development; 

3) Hands-on experience in retro- or lenti-viral packaging cell adaptation, viral production, and purification would be an


4) Experience in CAR-T or TCR-T research, process development, manufacture or tech transfer would be an asset;

5) Capable of designing, executing and analyzing experiments, and writing reports and other technical documents under general guidance; 

6) Familiar with relevant knowledge and skills, with good reading and writing capacities of professional English;

7) Strong professionalism and sense of responsibility. Team person. Self-starter and capable of working in a fast-paced environment.