KAM 大客户经理(天津/ 南京/ 武汉/ 郑州 /济南 /上海/ 广州/ 杭州/ 福州/ 成都)

1, Implements the district business strategy, ensures the achievement of hospitals goals through conducting academic promotion and maintaining networks with customers including hospital presidents, physicians, nurses, pharmacologists, and identifies business opportunities and problem points.

2, Establishes goals in alignment with prescribed business strategies and monitors the progress towards them.

3, Organizes the collection of relevant market access data and potential competitive information.

4, Help and lead COS to smooths processes of the product listing in hospital and the connections between supply chain and hospital and patients.

5, Organize academic activities in hospitals and cross hospitals independently.

6, Manages customers with a hierarchy system and arranges daily visit properly.

7, Assists the academic meeting holding by marketing and MSL and other companies needs such as bidding, reimbursement, etc.

8, Smooth and follow up commercial channel process.


1, Pharmaceutical or clinical degree or above background.

2, MNC background.

3, At least 3-year experience in specialty medicine of pharmaceutical industry.

4, Management experience is plus.