Scientist, Quality Control 质量控制科学家(生物分析)

1.  Conduct related daily testing and test method development,such as PCR, Flow cytometry, ELISA, Western blot etc.

 执行日常的相关测试和检测方法的开发,如PCR检测,流式细胞术、酶联免疫吸附试验, 蛋白质印迹测试。

2.  Familiar with related test equipment, like PCR, FACS, microplate reader, and so on


3.  Prepare test reports to support raw material/ product/ plant facility and other related material release.


4.  Follow new project and strategy, develop the new analysis methods and technology.


5.  All related lab activities must meet regulation requirements, like GMP, GLP.


6.  Draft all QC related SOPs, including test SOP, management SOP, and update these SOPs basing on the validation results or trend assay results or regulation.

 编写所有QC 相关的SOP,包括测试SOP,管理SOP,并根据验证结果或者趋势分析结果或法规及时更新相关SOP

7.  Complete position related trainings.


8.  Operate QC equipment, cooperate with relevant departments to conduct the equipment calibration and maintenance timely.


9.  Cooperate with other department to conduct related validations, draft protocols, perform the procedures, analyze and report the results. Participate in related deviation/OOS investigations. Timely review the abnormal cases.



1. Master or Ph.D. degree in immunology, molecular/cell biology.


2. Familiar with immunology and/or molecular biology methods, such as PCR, Flow cytometry, ELISA, Western blot etc.


3. Could do assay develop, analysis method validation. If the candidate has relevant experience, it is an advantage


4. Ability to analyze data, troubleshoot, train and work closely with other function


5. Ability to work effectively in QC team. Good written, interpersonal and communication skills required.


6. Good communication skills in English and Chinese, fluent in speaking, writing and reading in both languages.