About Fosun Kite

Kite and Fosun Pharma formed FosunKite in Shanghai China, a joint venture to develop, manufacture and commercialize axicabtagene ciloleucel in China with the option to include additional products, including two TCR product candidates from Kite. This cooperation is a powerful combination of capital and technology.

Fosun Kite Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fosun Kite) is a joint venture established by Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. and Kite Pharma, Inc. (USA) in April 2017, Shanghai, China. Taking a combined approach of internal R&D and external partnering/technology transfer, Fosun Kite is dedicated to the advancement of innovative cell therapy and its industrialization in China to benefit patients.

The company has obtained the comprehensive technology transfer and commercial license for Kite’s CAR-T product Axicabtagene Ciloleucel (US trade name Yescarta) in China. In accordance with Kite's commercial producing process and plant design concept, a clean cell preparation base graded as B+A that meets the current GMP standards has been built in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. In addition to Yescarta, Fosun Kite's R&D pipeline includes CAR-T/TCR-T programs in clinical phase and innovative programs in early R&D phase.

Technology Introduction and Development

Yescarta is the world’s first FDA-approved CAR-T cell therapy for adult patients with certain types of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. It was approved by EMA for EU markets in December 2017. Yescarta’s Phase I & II clinical results of ZUMA-1 demonstrated that among 108 patients with refractory large B-cell lymphoma after being treated with Yescarta and followed for 12 months 82% of patients had responded to Yescarta including 58% of patients who had achieved complete remission. At a median of 15.4 months post-infusion, 42% of patients remained in response, including 40% in complete remission. The median duration of response was 11.1 months.
At present, Fosun Kite has obtained from Kite Pharma the comprehensive technology transfer and commercial license for the CAR-T product Axicabtagene Ciloleucel (US trade name Yescarta) in China. In August 2018, Fosun Kite has also obtained the registration clinical trial approval by the State Drug Administration of China. Meantime, by building our own R&D capability, Fosun Kite is committed to developing more innovative immune-therapy products for a rich pipeline and therapy areas.

CEO Richard Wang's Note

The CAR-T technology has brought the dawn to all human being for conquering and curing cancer. In order to make the best use of this scientific breakthrough, integrate the advantages of both Fosun Pharma’s investment on full-chain healthcare and the worldwide first-leading technology of kite Pharma in USA, and bring new hope to Chinese cancer patients, Fosun Kite was founded just at the right moment.Fosun Kite takes scientific innovation as the core and views strict compliance as the lifeline. We are willing to cooperate with all parties to build comprehensive product pipelines and feasible industry standards to ensure the safety and efficacy of cell therapy and promote cell therapy approved by CDE and applied to clinical therapy as soon as possible.In Fosun Kite, curing each tumor patient always is the motivation and dream for everyone on every day.